2 Infant feeding bottles

November 2013 Donations

NE. Hammond

21 Books

CC. Claasens Campsite

Assorted Items

G. Vernon

Evening outfit

G. Vernon


G. Vernon

Wall Chart

G. Vernon


V. Watson

Lynx Camputer


Plastic cell phone holder

N. Tietz


N. Tietz

Baby's nappy

October 2013 Donations

G. Morcom

2 x Tracksuits

S.G. Wilke

Tramways Group Photo

G. Morcom

Teac Audio CD player

G. Preston


September 2013 Donations

Athol Bradfield

Surfers Marathon memorabilia

Dave Forsyth

Programme booklet for Border vs British Lions 1997

Dave Forsyth

Cambridge Primary booklet

N. Tietz

4 Cartridges

Gordon Campbell

Harbour Records/documents

August 2013 Donations


Pair of Prosthetic legs


3 x genets


Hyena Trophy

Dave Forsyth


N. Tietz

Meggezones tin

E. Whittaker


July 2013 Donations

Gail Coetzee

Box of books and albums

David de Hass

2 Boxes of old tools

N. Satula

Bottle of liqueur

East London Museum

"Calls of the Bushveld" record

East London Museum

ANC election documentation

C. Vernon

Piece of wood from a shipwreck

June 2013 Donations

Jenny Swift

Receipt book, King Williams Town from 1935

May 2013 Donations

J. Kromhout


J. Saycell

Photo of East London Municipal Councillors

March 2013 Donations


Home-made weapon

March 2013 Donations


Army Jacket

East London Museum

"Soccer has come to Africa" Audio CD

February 2013 Donations

Lorna Carleton nee Wirth

"Report on the social survey, Duncan Village'49" Map of East London (booklet) Accompanying letter from donor of the above

January 2013 Donations

D. Jenkinson

Tape measure and photograph

G. Morcom

Packet of floppy disks

December 2012 Donations

V. Viljoen

Posters from the Guild Theatre

November 2012 Donations

A. De Lange

Railway tray
2 x pics of the Oranjeland
2 x life bouys
2 x plaques
2 x lanterns
ship’s bell
baby feeding bottle
book and watch
3 x photographs

G. Smit

Pic of SA cricket match at Buffalo Park

E. Weare

1 x envelope 
1 x book

D. Bryce

Tug plans

October 2012 Donations

R. Botha

HP printer
Lexmark printer 
4 x hand-held game consoles

E. Ehrke

Deed of transfer certificates

Mr Morgan

Set of encyclopedias

EL Museum

1 x Monitor
2 x Keyboards
1 x Redstone computer

G. Smit

2 x Photographs

September 2012 Donations

K. Webster

Aardwolf, crowned crane, mongoose, caracal


newspaper clippings
number plates

EL Museum

Fax machine

Unknown Donor

Sewing patterns

August 2012 Donations

G. Smit

2 books
7 ‘paintings’ of Dale College
1 car trophy

EL. Museum

1 cap and t-shirt

F. Clayton

6 SA coins

Donor unknown

3 Africa Day pamphlets
1 Africa Day VIP pass

P. Janse

2 SA coins

July 2012 Donations

K. Southgate

Victorian hand-made bed cover

Mrs Venske

Glass display case containing 2 ferrets

June 2012 Donations

C. Done

Greys bok

Donor unknown

Crested Eagle

May 2012 Donations

R. Botha

Diabetics injection

C.S. White

Life belt of MV Horizon

C.H. Muller


D. St. Claire-Whicker

Book contaiining old Daiy Dispatches

I. & D. Charles


April 2012 Donations

K. Cole

1x swing-stopper

Dr G. Van Welie

Surgical set, microscope

D. Laas

Powder horn

March 2012 Donations

F. Boniface

Sandstone pebble with fossilized teeth

G. Smit

1x Border ski-boat tournament shield

January 2012 Donations

L. Kirton

3x Chappies bubblegum wrappers

G. Ansell

7 books (Scott’s poetical)
1 x earth globe

June 2011 Donations

Z. Shelver

Wall hanging from Lesotho

May 2011 Donations

Dawn Currie

Bus ticket, Voortrekker Monument spoon, flowers stitched onto material, letter opener, glass jar, metal tin, Jubilee box, wooden box

E. Galdin

Table cloth from the Sprigg household

L. Robertson


S. Kotze

2 tram lines, 2 sleepers, pins

April 2011 Donations

Dawn Currie

Cigar box containing 20 crochet pieces, 
6 doileys, 16 crochet pieces

Mr S. Kotze

2 tram lines, 3 sleepers, bag of metal pins

March 2011 Donations

Kitchen utensils


Hard hat

Framed photographs of the EL dry dock

February 2011 Donations

Photographs of EL Yacht Club, Visitor books

3x Lloyd's register of ships, 3x anthropology books, Navigational equipment, Telephone, Official harbour tariff book, Brochure-Port of EL

6x coffee mugs "Queenstown"


Bar of homemade soap

January 2011 Donations

Mrs Wendy Stegmann

10 dolls, duvet and a blanket

G. Smit

3x home-made knives/ daggers

Mrs Jackson-Moss

Scrap book of the Oceanos

M Coetzer

Box of assorted items eg: albums, stamps, plaques, books, primus stove, iron

S. Marshall


D. James


August 2010 Donations

EL. Municipality

1 tram line

C. Vernon

1 Thatchers Dairy bottle

G.C. Ranger

1 dog tag

T. Kelly

11 wooden masks

July 2010 Donations

R.M. Tietz

18 Coat hangers

F. Way-Jones, Albany Museum

17 Photographs

G. Smit

3 Blazer pocket badges

R. Grice

Capitol Tearoom programme Sept '64

String of 4 tickets for Coveridge drive-in

D. Holder

World Cup hospitality kit Germany vs Uruguay Ticket

W and H Royeppen


SA Flag

Mdantsane Build It

1 Pair soccer boots

Buffalo Build It

2 Pairs soccer boots

B Heyns

3 Dolls

P. Janse

1 Coca Cola glass

1 Pair 3D glasses

Coca Cola flag

Paper hat

June 2010 Donations

L. Wallis

National Sea Rescue E.L.



Steering wheel housing


R. Grice

Cap, Buffalo City clean city campaign

J. Rowland

Aloe Travel pouch

T.P. Watson

8mm Movie projector

Business sign "St O' Gorman..."

Map edger-tape "Admel"

2 Home-made weather recorders

M. Pagel

Ceramic bedpan