Remember Always: Dominicans 800th Jubilee: 1216-2016 is an Exhibition in honour of the Dominican Sisters and their remarkable work. Their historic achievements in the Eastern Cape, in particular, King William’s Town and East London, are featured. 

An exhibition in honour of the Dominican
Sisters & their remarkable work.
A celebration of their historic achievements.

The exhibition gives an introduction to the founding of the Dominican Order and early history of the Dominican Sisters of Saint Catharine of Siena of King William’s Town.

Since their arrival in East London in 1877, their missionary work was manifold: teaching, nursing, giving religious instruction and assisting priests, farming, building, working as carpenters and ‘women of all trades’, but above all praying and enduring hardships for the love of God and God’s people, irrespective of race, colour or creed. 

It looks at the role these Sisters still play today and presents the question as to the future of the Dominican Order.